Sunday, January 31, 2010

Another Wrong Phone Number!

This falls under: "Hey, if I were smart, I wouldn't be a plumber........"

I put back the 360-733-1292 number back on the website to make Google Maps happy again, but instead of 360-733-1292, I put 1293....I put in a wrong number! There are two correct numbers at the top of the page and the wrong number was in size 8 font on the very bottom, but you know which number everyone calls, right?

Funny thing is (more sad than anything) is I had a new customer mention the wrong number, but I thought she got it from the old phone book error, which was the designer's fault. She said she didn't and I shrugged it off until tonight.

Hats off to the gent who has the real 1293 number. He's had to correct many wrong numbers since the bad number started to circulate. I owe him big time, huh?

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Google Local Business Map

Yikes! I got booted off the Google Local Business maps from the first page to the 5th page.

I think it was because I got a new vanity phone number, 360-647-2255 (BALL). This confused the Google machine and it dropped me! I just changed the number back to 360-733-1292 on Google, so let's see what happens now.

Use either 360-733-1292, 360-647-2255 (BALL), 360-383-0203.


Friday, January 22, 2010

Price Complaints

Whenever I leave a job, you'll hear "If there are any problems, call me." My warranty is long as the problem is my workmanship.

Lately, I've had a complaint about the price. Most of the time, the price is out of the price book (that's 4 years old) and a written work order has been approved and signed.

Okay, standard stuff for repair work. You get a price for it that includes parts and labor (excludes the Gov's Fee). If it takes me twice as long, the price is the same, right? My regulars know this to be true and as a consumer, I personaly prefer it this way.

But what if everything goes quick and my 30 years (yikes) of repair experience finally pays off and I gain an hour on ya? Should I discount the price? If I discount it, should I increase it if it takes me twice as long?

This all stems from a complaint on Angies List about a 250.00 bill. I left a response similar to this post, but more direct. I did NOT refund any money for the same reasons I posted here.